Multi-Tool Lager illustration

digital illustration Multi-Tool Lager illustration Hero illustration + typog. done by me!Label design produced by in-house designers. Fun commission project to draw up an illustration for a new WanderLinger lager. Try it for yourself you’re near Chattanooga, TN! SOFTWARE Adobe Photoshop Promo vid. from IG/FB Vol. warning! Btw I had no say on the […]

visual for “AMAMA” music video for Crumb​

digital illustration visual for “AMAMA” music video for Crumb Got to draw up a lil’ illo for the rotoscope animation on this music video! To contribute something to a band I love so much and with so many other amazing artists is an honor ♡ SOFTWARE Adobe Photoshop

haunted iced latte

digital illustration haunted iced latte Sometimes the milk swirls look like ghostly wisps. SOFTWARE Adobe Photoshop

wilting before spring (feb. ’24 self-port)

digital illustration wilting before spring (feb. ’24 self-port) Quick self-portrait study/doodle to a song I will relate more to than anyone could ever understand. I drew this as a way to remind myself I draw because it’s fun, and not because it’s good. Lyrics from “I Don’t Like My Mind” by Mitski. [listen] SOFTWARE Adobe […]

fake band logo

digital lettering fake band logo Lettered my gaming handle for the Fake Band Logo portion of the 2023 Stinktober challenge by Chris Piascik. Did a mockup of the logo on some earbuds cases and they look v cute. SOFTWARE Adobe Photoshop

ça va? (sept ’22 self-port)​

digital illustration ça va? (sept ’22 self-port) Starting in the middle-ish of 2022, I drew up a self portrait to represent my overall state each month. This was September. Overall I was burnt out, but the range of feels was definitely there this time (for better and for worse)~ SOFTWARE | Adobe Photoshop

Emma Ruth Rundle (Cinemusic)

digital lettering – cinemusic series Cinemusic – Emma Ruth Rundle Part of my Cinemusic series, a concept where I letter a song title into an animated, cinematic movie title. This one is heavily inspired by my synesthesia. The peak in the chorus when the guitars swell make me feel like I’m floating thru dark, dense […]

Just Donna & Jeffy Things (IgniteRP)​

digital illustration – fanart Just Donna & Jeffy Things (IgniteRP) Been enjoying drawing out small, slice of life scenes. ♡ IgniteRP character credits:ᴅᴏɴɴᴀ @ꜰɪʀᴇʟᴏʀᴅʀᴇᴠᴀɴᴊᴇꜰꜰʏ @ɢʀᴀᴍᴍᴛʜᴇɢɪʙʙᴏɴ SOFTWARE | Adobe Photoshop (drawn + animated)

Darkhoover Twitch Emote

twitch emote “GET DIED” emote for Darkhoover Based on a misspeak and immortalized as a Twitch emote for this silly lad. The first Twitch emote I’ve ever made! My approach was to build the type small and then to the larger sizes so I could get that pixelated, old-school 8 bit look on the words. […]

CIARÁN fka Bearface

digital illustration CIARÁN fka Bearface “WHERE’S MY MONEY, DENNY!?” Kevin Abstract tweeted that he missed Ciarán last month and then I did too. I originally was going for a brighter palette (re: the progress shot). I’m not shocked I went darker heh. Wanted to explore another style for portraits. I quite like it! SOFTWARE | […]