Darkhoover Twitch Emote

twitch emote “GET DIED” emote for Darkhoover Based on a misspeak and immortalized as a Twitch emote for this silly lad. The first Twitch emote I’ve ever made! My approach was to build the type small and then to the larger sizes so I could get that pixelated, old-school 8 bit look on the words. […]

Twitch Artwork for TheGeneralSmokey

Steamer/Channel artwork Artwork for TheGeneralSmokey Digital custom commissions I’ve done for this mad talented dude! All art created & animated in Adobe Photoshop.   Twitch Emotes Emote Redux (2022 vs. 2023 changes) Tip Jar Button Social Buttons/Panels Subscriber Badges (Lvls. 1-4) Profile Pic Illustrations