Multi-Tool Lager illustration

digital illustration Multi-Tool Lager illustration Hero illustration + typog. done by me!Label design produced by in-house designers. Fun commission project to draw up an illustration for a new WanderLinger lager. Try it for yourself you’re near Chattanooga, TN! SOFTWARE Adobe Photoshop Promo vid. from IG/FB Vol. warning! Btw I had no say on the […]

visual for “AMAMA” music video for Crumb​

digital illustration visual for “AMAMA” music video for Crumb Got to draw up a lil’ illo for the rotoscope animation on this music video! To contribute something to a band I love so much and with so many other amazing artists is an honor ♡ SOFTWARE Adobe Photoshop

haunted iced latte

digital illustration haunted iced latte Sometimes the milk swirls look like ghostly wisps. SOFTWARE Adobe Photoshop

wilting before spring (feb. ’24 self-port)

digital illustration wilting before spring (feb. ’24 self-port) Quick self-portrait study/doodle to a song I will relate more to than anyone could ever understand. I drew this as a way to remind myself I draw because it’s fun, and not because it’s good. Lyrics from “I Don’t Like My Mind” by Mitski. [listen] SOFTWARE Adobe […]

ça va? (sept ’22 self-port)​

digital illustration ça va? (sept ’22 self-port) Starting in the middle-ish of 2022, I drew up a self portrait to represent my overall state each month. This was September. Overall I was burnt out, but the range of feels was definitely there this time (for better and for worse)~ SOFTWARE | Adobe Photoshop

Just Donna & Jeffy Things (IgniteRP)​

digital illustration – fanart Just Donna & Jeffy Things (IgniteRP) Been enjoying drawing out small, slice of life scenes. ♡ IgniteRP character credits:ᴅᴏɴɴᴀ @ꜰɪʀᴇʟᴏʀᴅʀᴇᴠᴀɴᴊᴇꜰꜰʏ @ɢʀᴀᴍᴍᴛʜᴇɢɪʙʙᴏɴ SOFTWARE | Adobe Photoshop (drawn + animated)

CIARÁN fka Bearface

digital illustration CIARÁN fka Bearface “WHERE’S MY MONEY, DENNY!?” Kevin Abstract tweeted that he missed Ciarán last month and then I did too. I originally was going for a brighter palette (re: the progress shot). I’m not shocked I went darker heh. Wanted to explore another style for portraits. I quite like it! SOFTWARE | […]


digital illustration dreamcakes. The cutest pancakes from a dream ♡ SOFTWARE | Adobe Photoshop


digital illustration replenish Crying is exhausting; don’t add to it by getting dehydrated, love. Part of a side project to explore being more expressive in my art. SOFTWARE | Adobe Photoshop

Tala Is Born (Domekeeper Fanart)

digital illustration – fanart Tala Is Born Dear Journal, Today, the egg I found finally hatched… into a CAT? (Didn’t know this was possible, but not complaining–defo glad it wasn’t a spider, eeek.) I named it Tala, it means “bright star” in Tagalog. A little Dome Keeper fanart.   SOFTWARE Adobe Photoshop